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"Its been great having Coach Jack as a mentor the last few years, I look at him as a member of my family."
Marshawn Lynch (Seattle Seahawks)

Click on the link below and check out footage of Marshawn's
interview with Kenny Mayne wearing an official

The Mayne Event with Marshawn Lynch

"Coach Jack has been helping me since I was in high school, he acts as my personal coach, and he helps me evaluate my personal, and athletic goals.  I couldn't do this without him!" - Adrian Ward 

"Coach Jack has been working with me since my sophomore year in high school... he's always helped me stay focused on my goals and keeping me mentally ready to play... he's family... always will be." -
Robert Jordan (Cal Alum)

"From high school through three college programs, the one constant thing I could depend on through my football career was Coach Jack." - Stevelan Harper (SEMO Alum)

"Once Coach Jack saw me, he was like 'You can do something with your skills. You can go some where. You can be somebody.'  He kept working me.  He pushed me to be who I am right now, a player with a receiver mentality to go up and get everything.  He's the one I credit." - Steve Johnson (Buffalo Bills)

"Coach Jack was my position coach back in high school and junior college, and I still talk to him before every game I play." - Josh Ferguson (Spokane Shock DB)

"Out of high school I didn't have as many offers as I would have liked, I trusted Coach Jack, and now I have five times as many offers now then I did in high school." - Charles Walker (Marshall Alum)

"You were there when I ran for 286 and 3 tugs.  I always put my FAM1LY F1RST!  Thanks Jack, for all that you do for me and my big brothers." - Troy Evans (Marshall WR/KR '12)

"In my time in northern California I've met a lot of people that have had an effect on me as a player and as a young man... Coach Jack is one of those people." - DeSean Jackson (Philadelphia Eagles)

"Coach Jack is like a father to me, he's worked with me through high school, college, and through the pursuit of my pro career... he's been a great resource." - Ben Ball

"Coach Jack is like an uncle to me... a friend, a family member." - Josh Johnson (Tampa Bay Bucs)

"Coach Jack has been available for me as a resource since the day I met him... I always appreciate the things he tells me." - Jeremy Jones

"Going through the junior college process was hard but Coach Jack always kept me positive and made me believe in myself getting me to the next level." - Rob Lorenzi (Bowling Green Alum)


"Coach Jack has been a huge support to me, and has treated me as a member of his family ever since I met him.  He has done a lot to help me grow as a player, and more as a person." - Alisha Flaaten (Dominican Alum)